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What is Silbo?

Silbo is the first digital marketplace that helps connect sports officials to amateur sports games. The Go SilboTM app allows officials to work whenever they want, wherever they want, as often as they want, by signing themselves up to officiate games.

How does Silbo work?

Step 1: Find a game you are interested in officiating. 

Step 2: Reserve the game in your RefXchange.

Step 3: Review all necessary information such as the time, location, age group and payment rate.

Step 4: Go to game and Check In

Step 5: Officiate the game to the best of your ability.

Step 6: Complete your game and await payment.

Where is Silbo available?

We are currently in 20 cities across the country. We are always adding more games to current cities and are on track to continue expanding into new areas.

Does it cost me anything to use?

No. Silbo is free for all officials to use.  

Am I required to work a certain number of games?

Silbo never requires officials to work games. You may work as often as you’d like. Some officials officiate a few times a season, others work daily.

What’s required to work a game?

In order to work a game you must have experience or training in the sport you’d like to officiate.


Getting Started

What do I do after downloading the app?

After downloading the app you can either:

1. Complete the “sign on” form and upload a picture of your certification. This can be a training certificate, a high school certification, or a training schedule. 


2.  Wait for a Silbo representative to call and verify you.

Can I sign up if I’ve never officiated before?

Yes. During your verification phone call with a Silbo representative we will address which sports you’re interested in officiating and provide the next steps for you. 

How do I get trained to become an official?

It depends on the sport. We offer free digital trainings for basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball as well as occasional in person trainings. You can learn more during your verification call or by contacting support@gosilbo.com with the subject line “training request”. Silbo has a variety of skill levels on the app to ensure that you are matched with games that reflect your experience.

What should I wear?

The uniform varies based on the sport. These questions can be answered through our app once you are verified or during your verification email. We also have information on our blog for what to wear for basketball and as a baseball or softball umpire. You can find additional recommendations by sport at Ump-Attire.com where you will receive 5% off your entire order by using the coupon code SILBO5


Using the App

How do I reserve a game?
  1. Click on the RefXchange tab.
  2. Scroll through the available games. Sort games based on your preferences by selecting the filter icon in the upper right corner of the RefXchange and applying filters.
  3. Select the game you want to work.
  4. If a spot is available, click Reserve. Confirm your interest in working by clicking Reserve again.
How do I check into my game?
  1. Go to “My Games” and find the game you want to check into.
  2. Click the button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen that says “Check In”. 

Reminder that you cannot check in until 1 hour prior to your game time and within three miles of the game. 

How do I complete games?
  1. You complete games the same way that you check into games, except that the “Check In” button becomes the “Complete” button.
  2. After clicking the “Complete” button, review your experience by leaving any notes you have about the field, the teams, and your partner.
How can I tell if I’ve been paid?
  • Check the “Payments” tab in the app.
  • Click on the particular game in question and look for the “expected deposit” date, this statement will include the date and time that you completed the game as well as the payment rate.
I can’t see any games? What do I do?
  • Make sure that you have been verified.
  • Make sure that your location services have been turned on for the app.
  • Check to see if you are using the most updated version of the app.
  • If you still think you are within 200 miles of game providers, please email support@gosilbo.com.
How can I see which games I’ve reserved?

All games that you have reserved can be found in the “My Games” tab at the bottom of your screen in the app.

How can I filter my search for games?
  • You can filter your search by going to the RefXchange and clicking the icon in the top right corner.
  • This icon will allow you to customize your search by distance, age group, price range and sport.
Why can’t I pick up any more games?
  • If you cannot pick up any more games you have most likely reached your limit. You will be allowed to pick up more games once you have worked the most recent ones you have reserved.
  • You can double check to make sure this is the case by emailing support@gosilbo.com.
What if I didn’t check in?
  • If you didn’t check in, contact the Silbo support team so we can assist you.
  • You must check in to complete your games and you must complete your games in order to get paid. If you forget to check into a game, you can still get paid, but the process could be delayed. 
How do I use the Waitlist?
  • The Waitlist is a way to get notified when a game you’d like to officiate becomes available. 
  • If all the positions in a game are full, you can still register for the game by joining the Waitlist. Once on the Waitlist for that position, you will be notified if one the registered officials cancels their commitment to work. You’ll then be able to go back and reserve that game.
  • To see the games you are on the Waitlist for, simply go to “My Games” and click the “Waitlisted” tab at the top of the screen.
How do I find league specific rules?

When you click on a game there is a button in the middle labeled “Game Notes”. Any specific rules for the league will be included in this section of the app.

How do I find directions to my destination?
  • When you click on your game there is a blue map icon on the right side of the screen.
  • When you click that it will take you to your maps app to give you directions to your destination.



How much money can I make with Silbo?

The average official earns over $750 in their first season.

When do I get paid?
  • Silbo pays once a week on Thursdays*. 
  • To see when your payment is expected to arrive: 
    • 1. Click the payment tab in the app. 
    • 2. Click the specific game(s) you want to check on.
    • 3. Look at “expected deposit” date to see when the money will hit your bank account.

    *The majority of games are paid out weekly, very few games require a longer processing period.

How do I get paid?

Silbo uses Stripe, a third party payment platform that handles payments for companies such as Amazon, Uber, Lyft, Target and Google. Check out their website for more information: https://stripe.com/.

Does Silbo have access to my bank account?

No. Silbo never stores any of your account info on our servers. All account information is stored on Stripe’s servers. 

Will I receive a 1099?

Yes. Silbo sends out 1099’s to all eligible officials. 

Why do I have to put the last four digits of my SSN?

The last four digits of your SSN is required for tax and payment purposes. Like your account info, this information is kept secure. 

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