Arlington County, VA

Ryan Amato, Sports Commissioner (pictured)

Tyler Remerow, Sports Commissioner & Programmer

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Arlington County, VA Parks and Recreation offers a recreational basketball league for grades 1-12 that runs from mid-November through early March. It is a large program with approximately 730 teams playing over 2,500 games.

Arlington County

Arlington County started using Silbo in 2019 for their youth basketball program. Prior to using Silbo, they were working with an assignor to source referees for their games. After switching to Silbo they had higher game fill rates, fewer complaints about officials, and no scheduling errors. Sports Commissioner and Programmer for high school level games, Tyler Remerow, admits he was pretty skeptical initially, but after using Silbo for a season he said, “Silbo ended up working really well and met all of our needs. It was night and day from last season.”

The Silbo platform is very easy to use and makes canceling and rescheduling games a much easier process than it has ever been.

Other members of the Arlington County team agree including Ryan Amato, a Sports Programmer for middle school level games. “The Silbo platform is very easy to use and makes canceling and/or rescheduling games a much easier process than it has ever been,” said Amato. He added that, “The ability the system provides us to view the officials assigned to the games and the feedback they provide is an awesome tool.” Remerow has been at Arlington for nearly 5  years and Amato for nearly 6.

Remerow added that at the end of the day, Arlington County is in the customer service business and having quality officials on the court is important because it keeps their customers happy. By using Silbo all of the Sports Commissioners saved time because they had to field significantly fewer complaints from parents and coaches about officials. “Silbo is moving in the direction of the future. It’s changing the game. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s better for referees which in turn makes it better for us,” said Remerow.

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