Bryan Kondub

Baseball and softball umpire

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How did you get into officiating?

I started officiating when I was 30. It was something fun to do that could also allow me to make a little money on the side. I’ve always been really involved in sports and officiating is the only thing I had left to try out. 


How many games do you work per week?

Before going back to school full time, I was umpiring four to five days a week. I’ve had to take a little break from it in order to focus on school, but once I get into a rhythm there, I’ll be back to reserving a few games a week.


What have you enjoyed about officiating?

It really is just fun to do. It’s fun to interact with the coaches and the kids. I enjoy being outside, especially since I work in an office all day. Even though I’ve been a lifelong fan of sports, my interest peaks when I’m participating in the sport so this has been a way to help me stay involved and keep my passion. 

Officiating really is fun. It’s fun interacting with the kids and coaches. Plus it provides a great second income.

Would you recommend officiating to other people? 

I’ve encouraged quite a few people to try officiating. It helps that there’s a nice financial benefit to it. Who doesn’t want to make money and have fun doing it? 


How has Silbo helped you? 

For a while I worked a commission based job. Silbo helped me create a little safety net for myself for the months where commission was on the lower side. Silbo also helped me save some vacation money that way I could go on trips without having to stress about money. 


Do you have any advice for someone who is considering getting trained to officiate?

There’s no fee to join Silbo so why not give it a try? Go on the app and see if it’s something you want to do. Whether you end up liking it or not, you’ll make good money and get to enjoy the sports atmosphere. Other than that, I’d say to just try to get better with every game you officiate. 

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