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How did you start officiating?

Ten years ago I was looking for a part time job at the local community center and a friend who worked there suggested that I start officiating. I had never officiated before so I got trained through the county and started umpiring baseball and softball and refereeing basketball.


What is the officiating world like?

It really is a community of officials because we are partnered together. When I see another official there is a certain kindred feeling. It’s a great atmosphere to be a part of. You work together and build bonds that carry outside of the games you work together.


What is your favorite sport to officiate?

My favorite sport to officiate is definitely basketball. I’m a fan of the game and I love to see players make high IQ plays, whether they’re 8 years old or at the elite level. I just love to watch phenomenal athletes make outstanding plays. There is also so much action in basketball. It’s so fast paced and you can see great plays within seconds on both offense and defense.

I love to see greatness, so when I see players make great plays, I truly enjoy it. I’m too old to dunk now, but I’m still a part of the game through officiating.

You’ve become a mentor to newer officials on the Silbo app. Can you share some advice for new officials?

I’d tell them to work as many games as they can and learn as much from their partner as possible. Ask them before the game to watch for things you can improve on. I always tell new officials to ask for three tips after the game that can help them become better. I also tell them to be open minded and proactive about getting better.


What’s your favorite thing about Silbo?

Since Silbo welcomes new officials, it allowed my son to get into officiating. He started refereeing basketball games with me so he and I were able to bond over that. I don’t get to see him as much since he went away to college so it makes officiating with him that much more special.

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