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Garner Little League is a nonprofit organization dedicated to running Little League Baseball, Little League Fast-Pitch Softball, and Tee Ball for youth ages 3-16 for the spring and fall seasons.

Garner Little League 

Garner Little League started using Silbo in 2018 for their baseball and softball programs. Prior to using Silbo, they were using two different booking services, one for baseball and one for softball. The old process was very manual and lacked transparency. “We didn’t know if we’d have umpires at the game that night or not,” said Mike Caudill, Vice President of Baseball. Caudill has been working with Garner Little League since 2012, first as a board member and then taking on the VP of Baseball role in 2015. Caudill also expressed that communication with the booking agents was spotty at best, and that cancelling and rescheduling games required major effort. With the booking agents, there was also a limited supply of umpires. “They only have so many officials in their Rolodex,” said Caudill. 

With Silbo’s automated platform and outstanding customer support, things run more efficiently than ever.

Switching to Silbo solved these challenges. “With Silbo, I’m able to track if games are filled, confirm that the correct version of the schedule is in the system, and automatically communicate cancellations and reschedules. Umpire quality has also gone up because we’re pulling from a larger pool. Simpler and real-time visibility to umpire scheduling has been the true value add.”

Caudill admitted that it was a bit scary to make the switch to Silbo, but now he’s so glad he did. “You don’t know what you don’t know. You never know what you’re going to get when you switch to something new, but with Silbo we’ve been very pleased. The quality of umpires has gone up because we’re now pulling from a bigger pool. The Silbo team helped advise us on market wage so that we are offering the right amount to have our games filled. Before we were writing checks; now Silbo handles the umpire payment and 1099s. With the automated platform and outstanding customer support, things run more efficiently than ever.” 

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