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Halo Hoops organizes basketball camps, clinics, and leagues for youth athletes ages 5-18. Currently, the Halo Hoops Winter League is the most popular basketball program in Wilmington, NC with over 1,300 games and 260 teams.

Halo Hoops

Halo Hoops started using Silbo in 2018 for all their regular season and tournament games. Before using Silbo, they were paying a local assignor to provide referees. However, each season fewer referees were working their games and filling assignments. The Halo Hoops staff, including Shawn McMahon, Director of Programs, had to pick up the slack. “Constantly reffing was just exhausting. The staff was exhausted. We were working 12+ hour days. We managed to keep the program from being affected, but it was exhausting wearing a referee hat on top of our primary jobs,” said McMahon.

Silbo is amazing. I’m able to actually do my job and be the director of the league instead of constantly worrying about reffing.

McMahon has been at Halo Hoops for 4 years and oversees all leagues and camps, making sure that events are staffed, gyms are booked, and teams coordinated. At first he felt hesitant to use Silbo, but now is glad he made the switch. “With the shortage of local referees, I wasn’t sure if Silbo could fill games with a high caliber officials. Now I can say that it turned out great. There’s great accountability and communication.

“Silbo is amazing. I’m able to actually do my job and be the director of the league instead of constantly worrying about reffing.” Besides not needing to officiate all the time, McMahon highlighted customer service as one of his favorite things about Silbo. “I’m very relationship driven and the quality of Silbo’s people really sold me on it. They answered all my questions during the sales and implementation processes and they’re still readily available if I need help with anything.” 

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